doctorwhotales (doctorwhotales) wrote,

Title: Know Thyself
Fandom: Dr. Who
Characters: 5th Doctor and the Master
Prompt: #22, Enemies
Word Count:129
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Characters belong to the BBC. I will put them back when I'm done.

He had to stop him. The Master stood for everything the Doctor hated: chaos, darkness, destruction…

But he did not hate him. How could he? They had been like brothers for so long. It was impossible for the Doctor to forget those centuries.

At least, that was the lie he told himself.

But whenever he stared into those eyes—even though they were someone else's, the Master still glittered behind them—he knew. The Doctor knew he was looking into a shadowy mirror, one that reflected his own darkness, the darkness he kept buried. He understood his enemy's desire for freedom, his desire for change. He felt the same longing in his own hearts.

To destroy his enemy, the Doctor would also have to sit in judgment on himself.
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