doctorwhotales (doctorwhotales) wrote,

Title: It's the Thought That Counts
Fandom: Dr. Who
Characters: Seventh Doctor & Ace
Prompt: #91, Birthday
Word Count: 255
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Not mine. Originally written for writers_choice Challenge #4, "In the Kitchen"

Ace had never known any of the TARDIS' doors to be locked. This one was. And the Doctor was on the other side of it, banging around, dropping things, and shouting every so often in frustration or triumph. How come he got to play with dangerous chemicals, but every time she tried to mix up more explosives, he got all cross? "Professor, you okay in there?"

"Fine, fine," he replied. Suddenly, there was a huge crash, followed by a loud "OW!" Ace frantically tugged at the door. After a moment, the Doctor said, "Okay, you can come in now." As if by magic, the door opened, and Ace charged into the room. It was not, as she had guessed, a science lab. It was a kitchen.

But one that looked as if a tornado had swept through. Baking pans were stacked high in the sink, a layer of flour coated everything, and red stains dotted the counter. In the middle of the mess stood the Doctor, grinning, despite the batter on his tie and chocolate smudges on his coat. "Ah, hello Ace."

"Doctor, what...?"

"Yes, I did make a bit of a mess, I suppose." He surveyed the area and turned back to her, beaming. "But look!" He held something out to her. "I made it myself."

It was a mostly circular cake. The chocolate frosting seemed to have been spread rather hastily. A shaky hand had drawn a picture of an ace of hearts playing card in red frosting.

"Happy birthday, Ace," he said.
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