doctorwhotales (doctorwhotales) wrote,

Title: There is No Outside
Fandom: Dr. Who
Characters: Tegan, 5th Doctor
Prompt: #41, Shapes
Word Count:
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Characters belong to the BBC. Several BBC authors have made reference to Tegan receiving psychiatric treatment after leaving the Doctor, but the rest of the concept is mine.

Blue rectangles dominated her work. Blue rectangles full of pointed teeth, suspended over yawning voids, surrounded by pools of red.

So the therapist asked for a painting without a blue rectangle.

The canvas was painted like the night sky. A single pale blue star floated in one corner. One of the star was broken off. Crimson and silver drops fell from the break. The outline of a man dominated the center of the picture. It had a bright white smile, but was otherwise featureless.

Above it all, suspended in space, were two bright blue eyes. In the corner of one was a shining tear.
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