doctorwhotales (doctorwhotales) wrote,

Title: Falling Away
Fandom: Dr. Who
Characters: 5th Doctor and Peri
Prompt: #71, Broken
Word Count: 117
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Characters belong to the BBC.

He watched the light run through his veins. A wave of sadness washed through him as he realised what it meant. The change was coming. Time to say goodbye. He knew that deep down, he would still be the Doctor. But Peri wouldn't understand. They never did. He hoped she wouldn't desert the new him. His next regeneration would need Peri to help get through the transition. Part of him hoped his new self would take good care of her, get her home. But as the faces of his old friends (and enemies) floated before him, a strange feeling flashed through him.

"Feels different this time," he murmured.

Then, he shattered into a thousand pieces of light.
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