doctorwhotales (doctorwhotales) wrote,

Title: Unreturned Favours
Fandom: Dr. Who
Characters: Seventh Doctor & Ace
Prompt: Writer's Choice #96: Sacrifice
Word Count: 228
Rating: PG, for death
Author's Notes: Not mine. Originally written for writers_choice Challenge #37, "Time." Ace's epitaph from the novel Prime Time is by Mike Tucker. This piece is technically an AU, because Mr. Tucker has since explained, but I wrote this directly after reading the novel.

It was raining the day the Doctor put Ace in the ground.

He had known. He had found the headstone several years ago: To the memory of Dorothy Gale. A seasoned traveller, who has embarked on the greatest adventure of all. He’d had to see for himself. So he’d dug up the coffin and hidden it deep in the TARDIS.

Ace. Dead. So young. It sent a dagger of pain through both his hearts. “No,” he said, locking the door firmly behind him. “Not this one.”

But it hadn’t mattered. Time came for Ace in the dark corridors of Skaro City. She had taken a hit from a Dalek weapon. A hit meant for the Doctor—until she shoved him aside. She was dead before she hit the ground. He hadn’t even gotten to say goodbye to her.

They shouldn’t have been on Skaro. It wasn’t supposed to exist anymore. The Doctor had destroyed it, in 1987, in an explosion that had spread across the planet’s temporal existence. Where it had come from—an alternate timeline, a paradox, fallen through a wormhole—only Rassilon knew.

“What were you thinking?” he raged. “I didn’t ask for your protection!” But the light behind her eyes had already gone out. “It’s not fair! I barely got to show you anything!”

Time came for Ace. And the Doctor, Lord of Time, was powerless.
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